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About Living Tree Paper.

LIVING TREE PAPER COMPANY is a leader in developing printing and writing papers made from nonwood fibers and post-consumer waste. By providing high-quality papers that are environmentally responsible and economically sound, we are helping to minimize the environmental impact of paper production and use.

We offer coated and uncoated printing & writing papers directly to printers, distributors and end-users. We also provide a complete range of printing services, using soy-based inks.

Our current paper lines mix chlorine-free agricultural resources (flax straw and hemp) and post-consumer waste fibers, promoting the use of nonwood fibers and supporting the market for recycled paper. Our paper products push the limits in environmentally-sound paper while still providing an affordable, clean, professional sheet with excellent print performance. Our papers are comparable in cost, quality, and aesthetic to many recycled and traditional papers on the market.

LIVING TREE PAPER COMPANY is working to create change in the pulp and paper industry; to offer one step on the path to more sensible and sustainable use of resources in the production of basic commodities.

Explore our website to find out more information about our papers, view this month's feature on our feature page, and make new connections on our links page. For the latest news, check out our new Staples press release and AP Newswire article.

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