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So...Why Woody?

Woody Harrelson and Living Tree Blaze a Trail for Tree-Free Paper into the Entertainment Industry.

Woody Harrelson
Bob Weir and Woody Harrelson shown on Earth Day 2002 in San Francisco's Precita Park.

You may know Woody Harrelson from his days as the comical Woody Boyd on the award winning television show Cheers, or from playing charismatic or off-beat characters on a number of large Hollywood blockbusters. Yet did you know that this Oscar-nominated actor is also one of the most tireless environmental advocates in the entertainment industry? And now Woody is adding one more achievement to a long list of accomplishments, blazing a trail for tree-free, Earth-saving alternatives into the entertainment industry.

Woody has recently joined forces with LIVING TREE PAPER COMPANY to advance the use of nonwood and post-consumer waste recycled products among his colleagues and friends in the entertainment and music worlds.

More than just an advocate for positive environmental change, Woody has committed himself personally to living a simple, organic lifestyle. To spread the message of simple organic living, Woody and friends embarked on the SOL Tour last year, riding bicycles 1,500 miles from Seattle to Los Angeles. In tow was a bio-fuel bus run on hemp & vegetable oil dubbed "the Mothership". The group stopped along their route to camp at State Parks, meet with local communities and speak at college campuses. "The Mothership" was on display complete with fully organic kitchen and solar-powered appliances-to emphasize that a comfortable lifestyle can still be achieved through sustainable environmental practices. This was a chance for Woody and other activists, actors and musicians to speak on the need to stop destruction of old growth forests and find healthy, sustainable alternatives to over-consumerism and its depletion of the Earth's resources.

Today, only three percent of our old growth forests remains. With a highly recognizable name and willingness to speak out on behalf of crucial issues, Woody has given the movement to save these endangered forests a much-needed boost. In 1997, he and a small group of other advocates climbed the Golden Gate Bridge, hanging a banner to bring attention to the environmental degradation caused by logging industry clear-cutting practices in Headwaters Forests. These are among the last of the unprotected old growth redwoods in the United States.

His environmental actions have earned the outspoken activist honors from environmental organizations such as Rainforest Action Network, PETA, the American Oceans Campaign and the Colorado Hemp Initiative Project. Most recently, Woody was among a handful of notable and highly influential environmentalists to be recognized at the 6th Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards sponsored by Global Green USA.

Woody received the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award at this event. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, founder and president of Green Cross International, was present to honor the environmental leaders.

LIVING TREE PAPER COMPANY shares a sense of responsibility to the environment, and is committed to promoting the use of tree-free fibers such as hemp and flax. In supporting the market for tree-free and recycled paper, they are striving to move the paper industry away from further destroying the precious forest ecosystems. Woody has said, "We need to support the companies that support the earth." In joining forces with LIVING TREE PAPER COMPANY, he is doing just that.

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